Rental Agreement

1. With this contract, the lessor (Pandora Car Hire) has leased the vehicle described on the front page (will be specified as the vehicle in this agreement) under the terms of this agreement, and the tenant rented the vehicle by accepting the conditions.
2. Rental, rental age and license period ...
a. For economic group vehicles ... 24 years and 2 years driving license
b. For middle group vehicles… 24 years and 2 years driving license
c. For upper group vehicles… 25 years and 3 years driving license
D. For luxury group vehicles… 25 years and 5 years driving license
to. Domestic and foreign customers are required to have a credit card and deposit in their own name. Otherwise, the vehicle may not be given.
3.Services included in the price
a. Airport vehicle delivery
b. Roadside assistance
c. VAT
D. Parking fee at the time of delivery
4.Casco and Insurance coverage
a. Vehicles also have compulsory traffic insurance.
b. Material damages caused to third parties by the vehicle are covered by compulsory traffic insurance within the limits determined. Tenant in case of accident or after; If the hirer company fulfills its responsibilities, it is obliged to pay all material and moral damages that may occur. It will be held responsible for all lawsuits to be filed related to this process.
c. There is "EXEMPTION" in vehicles; (In cases where the driver is found 100% defective (including one-sided accidents) during the rental period of the vehicle rented by the tenant, there are exemption fees. The tenant has to pay the costs of accidents and damages according to the amount determined according to the vehicle groups.
D. The tenant is obliged to pay the exemption of the damage that will occur as a result of any accident during the rental period.

Exess and deposit amounts for our vehicles;

Economic and Middle class : 600 € /  Upper class and Luxury class: 900 €

A. Full accident insurance and elimination of exemption
In the event of an accident, it will remove the responsibility of the tenant for the exemption fee varying depending on the rented vehicle group, and the damages up to the exemption amount in unilateral accidents, for example; parking lot, tire-glass-headlight damages, scratches, dents, dents and damages that third parties do not interfere within the scope of coverage, provided that a police report is received.

Theft insurance
a. It guarantees the compensation for loss of business that arises between the theft of the vehicle and the insurance payment. The daily theft insurance fee is 7 € / day.
b. In stolen vehicles, the tenant is obliged to hand over the key and license to the authorized firm.

C. Situations where insurance and full accident insurance are disabled

a. Damages caused by vehicle use by persons other than those specified in the contract
b. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
c. Missing accident documents
D. Damages that may occur as a result of violation of traffic rules
e. Damages that will occur outside the period specified in the lease contract
f. Damage to the interior equipment of the vehicle
g. Loss of license and keys
h. Failure to inform the rental company and competent authorities in the event of an accident.
5. Our Policies
a. Mileage limit
Our vehicles have a mileage limit.
It is limited to 4000 km in monthly rentals.
There is a 300 km limit for 1 (one) day rentals.
There is a limit of 40000 km for 1 (one) year leases.
If the mileage limit specified in the contract is exceeded; the tenant has an obligation to pay 3.50 TL + VAT for each km. For detailed information, please contact our offices.
b. Credit card or deposit
If our rental customers do not have a credit card issued in their name during the rental or if they do not have a credit card, the vehicle will not be delivered.
c. Traffic fines
Traffic fines that will occur during the rental period belong to the tenant. Even if the lessor pays the penalty fee himself, the penalty amount will be requested from the tenant separately. Due to the costs incurred during the payment and collection of the traffic ticket, a service fee of 5 € / fines will be charged.
D. Fuel
The rented vehicles are delivered with as much fuel as possible. Vehicles with full tank of fuel are delivered to the full tank. Vehicles with an empty tank of fuel are delivered to the empty tank.
For vehicles with full warehouse delivery, the missing part is completed and collected from the tenant and an additional 10 € service fee is charged.
to. HGS
The usage fee is charged for HGS, OGS service used in toll highway and bridge crossings, and an additional 5 € / service fee is collected separately from the rental fee.
f. One way fee
If the tenant leaves the vehicle he rented to a station other than the one he bought, he is obliged to pay a one-way fee. The rental company will update the one-way fee.
g. Extension
In the request of an extension of the rental period, the first extension is taken by phone, the fee is collected and confirmed by mail-order or money transfer to the account, and for subsequent extension requests, the rental office of the vehicle


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