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The Black Sea is undoubtedly one of the most impressive geographical regions of our country and Trabzon is the first city that comes to mind when it comes to the Black Sea. Trabzon, which we can define as the pearl of the Black Sea, is a busy city in terms of business life as well as natural and historical beauties and the first thing you need to do is to discover this beautiful city and to see its historical and natural beauties closely.

What to eat in Trabzon?

Trabzon comes to the forefront with its unique flavors before anything else. Trabzon is home to magnificent tastes like all of the Black Sea, mackerel, kuymak, anchovies, Akçaabat köftesi need to try the first place is the flavors. It is also important not to forget the blackweed, corn bread and Trabzon pides.

Where is the best breakfast in Trabzon?

Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important and enjoyable meal, and of course the most beautiful state of this meal is waiting for you in Trabzon. Trabzon is one of the delicacies you must absolutely try at breakfast, but of course, regional flavors such as famous butter are waiting for you in Trabzon for breakfast. Lokma Pasanesi is an excellent alternative to make a breakfast in Trabzon that is rich in local and regional flavors.

Where to eat in Trabzon?

In Trabzon, it is most logical that you use your choice of food for local delicacies because the local cuisine of the city is really home to delicious delicacies. For Akçaabat köfte you can choose Nihat Usta's restaurant located in Akcaabat coastal park. Karpi Pide is a suitable address for pide. At Karpi Pide, located in Kunduracılar District, you can enjoy your taste buds with the pleasure of plenty of buttered pide.

Places to visit in Trabzon

Trabzon is characterized by its natural beauties as well as its vast historical richness. Surrounded by magnificent scenery, Boztepe, Çal Cave, Zağnos Valley, Altindere Valley National Park are just a few of the places you can visit in the city. For shopping, you can choose Russian Market.

Historical places in Trabzon

Trabzon Castle and the Sümela Monastery are of course the first places that come to mind in terms of Trabzon and history. The role of these two venues is enormous as the city is of great importance in terms of tourism. In addition, the Little Ayvaz Church, the Trabzon Museum and the Haghia Sophia Museum in Trabzon are among the first places to visit in the city.

Night life in Trabzon

Trabzon is not a point that offers more alternative in terms of night life. However, there are still a few places where you can have a good time. Night life in Trabzon is concentrated in the city center and the most famous entertainment venue of the city is Süleyman Bar.

Trabzon car rental

The first thing you need to do to visit and see all the places in Trabzon is to visit Trabzon car rental service immediately and rent a vehicle suitable for your needs and budget.