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Dalaman Airport Car Hire



Dalaman, one of the most popular and beautiful districts of Muğla, is one of the most important districts of Muğla because of being one of the two airports in the region. Like every corner of Muğla, which is one of the most unique and impressive illusion of the Aegean region, it is filled with both historical and natural beauties. Dalaman offers a real tranquility with its calmness and silence. Having a great time in Dalaman is the first thing you need to do to visit every part of this eye county of Muğla, of course, renting a car at the Dalaman Airport rent a car service with the difference of Pandora Car Hire. If you have completed your car hire process, you can start to visit Dalaman, Mugla's hidden paradise.

What to eat in Dalaman?

Of course, one of the most exciting elements of the Aegean region is of course its own cuisine and delicacies, and Dalaman, as an Aegean province, of course takes its share of the legendary tastes of the region. As you can imagine in the district, seafood is one of the most preferred flavors. Broadcast fish, the world famous blue crab and blue-headed mullet, or the name of the locals, and the sea head that you must absolutely taste in the big head Dalaman. Also like all of the Aegean, we also expect you to eat herbs and olive oil in Dalaman. Do not leave Dalaman without eating sea cucumber.

Where is the best breakfast in Dalaman?

For those who can not give up on the breakfast, there is no doubt that you will be able to enjoy the village breakfast of Dalaman's local delicacies. There are lots of villages in the district where you can have breakfast, but we recommend Çınaraltı Village Breakfast on Şerefler village road.

Where to eat in Dalaman?

Of course it is unthinkable to leave Dalaman without tasting the best examples of the Aegean cuisine. There are not as many places as Muğla's other tourist cities but there are very nice restaurants in Dalaman where you can taste great tastes. Dalaman Köftecisi for dumplings and Toprakana Restaurant for local dishes.

Dalaman Attractions

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, Dalaman is a very rich town in terms of both natural and historical beauty. For this reason, there are many exciting destinations you can go with your car which you rent from Pandora Car Hire. Dalaman Stream, Gökgemile, Sarı Germe and the junior coach Dalaman are some of the natural beauties you can visit in Dalaman, which is the first place where our country comes to mind as rafting.

Historical places of Dalaman

The most important historical site of Dalaman is Lycian city Tlos. You should definitely see Tlos, one of the most important ancient cities of our country, not just Dalaman. Memiş Ağa Mansion is one of the historical places you can see in the district.

Dalaman night life

Muğla is a holiday center known for its night life and Dalaman has a lot of entertainment places like all of Muğla's tourist attractions. You can choose a quiet place to spend a quiet but enjoyable night. If I say I want to have fun crazy, you can go to the disco and night clubs in the town. M & S Disco, Paradise Cafe Bar, Street Bar, Street Bar and Corner Bar in Sarıgerme are some of the places you can visit in the district.

Dalaman Car Hire

Of course the best way to rent a car in Dalaman is Pandora Car Hire. With a large fleet of large and affordable vehicles, you will find all the tools in Dalaman that will ensure you not only get access but also enjoyable time at Pandora Car Hire. You can immediately check your car taxis and prices and rent out the vehicle you want and start enjoying this beautiful district of Muğla.